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Spaulding China - Double Handle Gold Trim Osbourne Decal Vase - Vintage - 6"

Spaulding China - Double Handle Gold Trim Osbourne Decal Vase - Vintage - 6"

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Experience the timeless elegance of Spaulding Chinas vintage Double Handle Gold Trim Osborne Decal Vase. A true collectors gem

Once upon a time, in the enchanting world of vintage collectibles, there existed an exquisite masterpiece known as the Spaulding China - Double Handle Gold Trim Osbourne Decal Vase. This timeless treasure exuded elegance and sophistication with its delicate double handles and meticulously crafted gold trim. The centerpiece of this alluring vase was adorned with an intricate Osbourne decal, adding a touch of mystique to its already captivating presence. As you held this remarkable piece in your hands, you couldn't help but be transported back to a bygone era where every detail whispered stories of opulence and grace. With each passing glance at this vintage gem, one could only imagine the tales it had witnessed over the years. Whether displayed proudly on your mantelpiece or filled with fragrant blossoms atop your dining table, owning such a rare piece evoked a sense of pride and admiration for artistry that has stood the test of time. Are you ready to add this extraordinary Spaulding China vase to your collection?

  • Elevate your home decor with the timeless elegance of a vintage Spaulding China vase
  • The double handle design adds a touch of sophistication and allows for easy handling
  • Delicate gold trim detailing enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, making it a standout piece
  • Adorned with an exquisite Osbourne Decal, this vase effortlessly captures the essence of classic beauty

Spaulding China - Double Handle Gold Trim Osbourne Decal Vase - Vintage - 6" This vase adds sophistication to any room with its timeless design and elegance. With its high-gloss finish and rust-proof features, it is sure to last for years to come.

Product Measurements

Height: 6 in

Length: 4 in

Width: 3 in

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