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W. Right

W. Right - Red Clay Pottery Vessel With Geometric Shapes & Sgraffito Applied - 13"

W. Right - Red Clay Pottery Vessel With Geometric Shapes & Sgraffito Applied - 13"

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Experience the timeless beauty of hand-built craftsmanship with our Red Clay Pottery Vessel. Adorned with intricate geometric shapes and exquisite sgraffito markings, this high-fired masterpiece is a unique addition to any home decor collection.

Introducing the Red Clay Pottery Vessel - a stunning piece of functional and beautiful art. This vessel has been meticulously hand-built to create a unique shape, adding character and charm to your home decor. The addition of geometric shapes further enhances its visual appeal. What sets this vessel apart is the intricate sgraffito markings applied by skilled artisan W. Right, making each piece unique. The pottery has undergone a high-firing process, ensuring durability for years. It's perfect as an accent piece or statement accessory in any room. It provides a touch of elegance with an understated sophistication that will captivate those who see it in person. Bring home this work of art today!

It is signed by the artist W. Right. This is a latter half Twentieth-century hand-built and assembled vessel. The shoulder with screen impressions and applied to the body. The neck and rim are squeezed asymmetrically with a coil added. Turquoise geometric shapes and sgraffito markings were applied overall. Images of eagles with spread wings and incised marks at the base. Glazed with a matte yellow/mustard glaze with turquoise and iron oxide touches of over-glazing. The work appears to be high-fired with a rich red clay body.

Product Measurements

Height: 13 in

Length: 7 in

Width: 7 in

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