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Goga - Abstract Bronze Sculpture "Dançarinos" - Hand Crafted - Signed

Goga - Abstract Bronze Sculpture "Dançarinos" - Hand Crafted - Signed

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Experience the enchanting allure of movement and passion with Goga's Dançarino's sculpture, a tantalizing masterpiece that captures the irresistible essence of an entwined dance between two souls.

Introducing "Dançarino's," a bronze sculpture crafted by Goga, depicting the provocative and sensual imagery of a dancing couple. This stunning piece evokes emotions from the viewer as they witness the intense passion captured in each detailed curve and gesture. The handcrafted nature of this masterpiece ensures a unique and one-of-a-kind addition to any home or office space. Signed by Goga herself, Dançarino's is more than just a sculpture - it's an expression of love, artistry, and sensuality that will leave you captivated every time you lay eyes on it. Make your space come alive with this beautiful work of art from Goga!

Sensual imagery surrounds a dancing couple. Goga elaborates on a provocative sculpture, where erect bodies arch backward gracefully. She works in polished bronze and presents the dynamic sculpture on a granite base. She was titled "Dançarinos" in Portuguese.

Product Measurements

Height: 11.5 in

Length: 5.5 in

Width: 3.9 in

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