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Green Glass - Elephant Figurine - Vintage - 4.5"

Green Glass - Elephant Figurine - Vintage - 4.5"

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Add a touch of vintage charm to your decor with our 4.5-green glass elephant figurine.

As you gaze upon this magnificent green glass Elephant Figurine, a sense of vintage grandeur sweeps over you. Measuring 4.5 inches tall, its design's delicate curves and intricate details are genuinely awe-inspiring. The green glass emits a gentle glow that highlights every nuance and emphasizes the majestic stature of this regal creature. You can almost imagine it majestically roaming across an exotic plain as the sun sets behind it, with warm hues permeating everything in sight - from vivid pink skies to soft greens stretching all around. This figurine will be sure to add sophistication and class to any room or collection of artifacts and items it is placed- perfect for anyone who seeks enchanting elegance combined with timeless style- making it an irresistible choice for your antique collection!

Green Glass - Elephant Figurine - Vintage - 4.5"

Product Measurements

Height: 4.5 in

Length: 4 in

Width: 1.5 in

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